Our Classes

Our Infant’s Classroom ranges from 6wks- 1 years (none walking) and is staffed with 2-3 highly qualified professionals who specialize in a sensory immersive learning environment that caters to your child’s curiosity and developmental needs.


Our Toddler Classroom ranges from 1 years (walking)- 2 years and is staffed with 2- 3 highly qualified professionals who specialize in child lead learning, allowing children to explore the world around them and expand their knowledge based off interest and developmental standards.

After School Classes

Our Preschool Classroom ranges from 3years – 4years and is staffed with 2 highly qualified and skilled professionals who specialize in creative teaching that promotes children age-appropriate development and expands their knowledge and curiosity about the world around them promoting a love for learning.

Our GA Pre-K is our Lottery Funded Pre-K program provided by the state of Georgia. This class ranges from 4years- 5 years and is on a first come first serve basis and is at no cost to you. This program’s curriculum is strictly governed by the GDOE, BFTS, and GADECAL and all universal standards and expectations are adhered to.

Our Afterschool program services children ages 5-12 and provides a safe and social environment that is academically driven and promotes the child’s overall well-being. We provide transportation from school, homework help, dinner, and an evening snack.

Our Summer Camp program is a service provided to children ages 5-12 during the summer breaks and extended breaks from school. Children are presented with age-appropriate enrichment activities that are hands on, fun, and creative and also stimulate focus areas of math and science. 


Our tutoring program is a paid program by which students ages 5-12 can receive additional assistance with academic theories and concepts. We focus on reading and math in intimate small group settings, to help solidify the foundation in which they can learn and achieve new concepts and master new standards.

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Our mentorship program is a free service provided in addition to the plethora of classes and services provided, that focuses on character building, problem solving, self-esteem and awareness. Children are actively working to be the best version of themselves in a safe fun and nurturing environment.